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26th NCOID’s Program Announced

The 26th National Conference on Insurance and Development (NCOID) with the main theme of “Increasing Insurance Penetration Rate: Challenges and Strategies” will be held on December 3 and 4, 2019 in two sets of sessions namely academic sessions and general insurance industry sessions, according to PRIAO, IRC.
The academic session will be held in the first day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Alzahra University International Conference Center where the President, Members of the Board, and directors of Bimeh Markazi, General Secretary of Iran Insurers Syndicate, CEO and Directors’ of the insurance companies, managing directors of insurance industry associations, and faculty members of IRC and some universities will participate.
The initial day of the conference is dedicated to the presentation of peer reviewed papers in nine professional panels. The panelists are comprised of Bimeh Markazi’s Members of the Board, insurance industry leaders and scholars, academic researchers and faculty members.
The report adds that the professional panels in the first day revolve around the following themes:
Panel #1: Insurance Penetration Rate: Statistical Facts.
Panel #2: The Role of Culture, Motivational Stimuli, Marketing, Customer Satisfaction in Insurance Penetration Rate.
Panel #3: The Role of Pricing Approaches, Quality of Insurance Services, Prime Cost on Insurance Penetration Rate.
Panel #4: Insurance Products, Need Analysis and Tailoring Insurance Products based on Customer Needs.
Panel #5: The Role of Institutional Factors (i.e. Legal and Regulatory), Transparency and Public Trust on Insurance Penetration Rate.
Panel #6: The Role of Insurance Industry Structure and International Relationship on Insurance Penetration Rate.
Panel #7: The Role of Insurance Instruments and IT on Insurance Penetration Rate.
In December 4, the industry sessions will be held from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at Milad Tower Int’l Conference Center, Tehran, Iran. Like before, the morning session is dedicated to the keynote speeches from high ranking governmental officials and introducing the insurance industry honor roll for 1398 (2019). The second part of the industry sessions is a presentation of the statistical facts of the insurance penetration.
For the first time in NCOID’s history, special programs are planned for the presentation of professional and technical issues of the insurance industry. These programs, originally conducted by Iran Insurers Syndicate and Professional Insurance Institute, are in the form of 8 professional panels to be held in the evening of the second day of the conference.
The panels directed by Iran Insurers Syndicate are related to the following topics: “Sale Network and Its Challenges in the Insurance Development and Penetration Rate Increase; Insurance Agents”, “Sale Network and Its Challenges in the Insurance Development and Penetration Rate Increase; Insurance Brokers”, “Opportunities and Challenges for the Development of Life Insurance and Penetration Rate Increase”, and “Risk Analysis, Loss Assessment, and Actuary”.
Likewise, the panels led by the Professional Insurance Institute are about “Digital Disruption and Insurance Penetration Rate Increase”, “Reformation of the Structures and Insurance Penetration Rate Increase”, “Protecting Policyholders’ Rights as the Major Factor of Insurance Penetration Rate Increase”, and “Technical Innovation and Insurance Penetration Rate Increase”.
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