Call for Paper:
26th National Conference on Insurance and Development:
“Insurance Penetration Rate: Challenges and Strategies”

On the occasion of Insurance Day in Iran, Insurance Research Center (IRC) conducts 26th annual Conference of Insurance and Development (26th NCOID) with the major theme of exploring Insurance Penetration Rate with the assistance and sponsorship of Central Insurance of I.R. Iran (Insurance Regulatory and Supervisory Authority) on December 4th, 2019 at Tehran, Iran.
As its central focus “Insurance Penetration Rate”, the 26th NCOID is to draw attention to the numerous challenges and hurdles in growing penetration rate in Iran. The industry gathers in this two-day event to find solutions for such challenges from various perspectives.
Since its advent, NCOID has proved to go beyond a gathering and simple talks and in many occasions have made policymakers to think twice about an issue and this has even led to law amendments and perspective change.
Hereby, we cordially invite you all to participate in this annual nation-wide event and share your precious ideas and prospects with the Iranian community.

Conference Themes:
Insurance Penetration Rate: Statistical Facts and Comparative Analysis
1. Life Insurances;
2. Non-life Insurances.

Factors of the Insurance Market Demands Effective in Insurance Penetration Rate
1. Culture and Insurance Penetration Rate;
2. The Role of Motivational Stimuli on Insurance Purchase and Their Effect on Insurance Penetration Rate:
a. Customer Orientation;
b. Loss Settlement;
c. Extra Services for Policyholders;
3. Policyholder Satisfaction and Insurance Penetration Rate;
4. Analysis of Economic Factors Affecting Insurance Demand;
5. Need Analysis and Tailoring Insurance Products based on Customer Needs;

Factors of the Insurance Market Supply Effective in Insurance Penetration Rate
1. Pricing Approaches and Their Effect on Penetration Rate;
2. Marketing in Insurance Product Sales: Methods, Challenges, and Strategies;
3. Insurance Instruments and Their Effect on Insurance Penetration Rate:
a. Comparative Analysis of Insurance Products and Identifying the Present Gaps;
b. Information Technology and Modern Instruments;
4. Insurance Service Quality and Its Effect on Insurance Penetration Rate;
5. Prime Cost, Technical Pricing, and Price Competitiveness;

Factors of the Insurance Business Environment Effective in Insurance Penetration Rate
1. Assessment of the Institutional Factors (i.e. Legal and Regulatory Factors) and their Effect on Insurance Penetration Rate Improvement;
2. Assessment of the Insurance Industry Structure and its Effect on Insurance Penetration Rate;
a. Competitiveness, distribution channels, and etc.
3. The Role of International Relationship in Insurance Penetration Rate;
4. Transparency, Public Trust, and Insurance Penetration Rate.

Please, register and send us your abstracts and papers through the seminar’s website:

Venue: Milad Tower Int’l Conference Center, Tehran, Iran
Conference Day: December 4, 2019
Full Paper Submission: October 22, 2019
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Tehran, Iran
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